Why Automation isn’t a choice anymore?

Why Automation isn’t a choice anymore?

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….Because it’s a win-win for all stakeholders

Not a day goes by when we don’t hear something new and exciting about the amazing strides being made in automation and a slew of other path-breaking technologies that are going to replace routine human jobs.

A recent survey, the India Automation Report conducted by Michael Page India suggests that an overwhelming majority of Indian professionals (87 percent) see automation as the next big thing that is set to rock our workplaces, leading to significant improvement in efficiency and productivity.

Despite this, nearly 78 percent of the respondents questioned did not see this development as a threat to their jobs, expressing confidence that with automation they will move up the value chain and new jobs would get created, carrying bi9gger responsibilities.

According to the India Automation report, although fears of job loss persist, a majority of the professionals surveyed are optimistic that the new tech will retain, even better their existing roles, making it more complex, challenging and managerial in nature.

On the organizational front, according to India Automation Report, the top three possible benefits of automation and robotics would be increased speed (27 percent), accuracy (24 percent) and higher cost-efficiencies (24 percent).

Further, the increasing demand for HR automation is a clear signal that HR technology in India is on an upswing. There was a time when an HR professional was a people person with soft skills. That role is long gone. Today, HRM is a strategic role and the focus has shifted from mundane tasks, such as payroll management to more complex tasks such as succession planning, employee engagement, efficient recruitment, employee retention etc.

This is the Best Time for Automated Human Resource Systems

Now is the right time, as companies who have begun to experiment with automation in their talent acquisition and management processes have started experiencing a whole lot of efficiency kick in as a result. Some of the benefits that have accrued include:

  • Saved time and increased efficiency: No need to pore over time-log spreadsheets. There are intelligent software systems to sift, prioritize and soft through the documents, so that the information comes to you funneled down and cuts short the decision-making cycle.
  • Improved competency mapping: Communicating clearly and consistently with applicants with the use of smart competency mapping systems reduces candidate frustration and speeds up hiring process for corporates. Applicant tracking software makes it easy to communicate electronically, and candidates can themselves keep track of their application status. All the relevant information is available on one, common dashboard, accessible at the click of a mouse.
  • Zero-errors: The potential for human error gets reduced with the switch-over to automated systems. A paper-based system poses a risk of loss as well. With automated back-ups and data recovery in place, this risk gets considerably reduced.
  • Improved employee experience: Imagine the ease and happiness that the establishment of a single-point travel desk can bring to your employees. A single, dashboard to apply for leave and loans, to register their complaints and groans, in confidence, with no direct confrontation with an HR staffer, required. Automated HR systems enable employees to input all this documentation and manage the outcome of all these activities themselves. They feel empowered and the HR feels less burdened, and the management saves money and time. A win-win for all parties.
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