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What We Provide

Employee Self Service

Your employees can now review & update their profile, view public company directory for contact information, check for time off and apply for vacations, claim travel expenses and attend trainings.

Leave & Attendance

Employees and Managers get up-to-date vacation information. Managers can plan their employee leaves using the department/division vacation calendar. Easily setup leave workflow to match your company’s requirement.

Recruitment Management

Get applicant resumes straight in Easy HR. Schedule interviews and manage communication with applicants. rate and leave interview notes directly from Easy HR.

Training Management

Create Training and assign them to all your employees, specific department(s) or an individual employee. Schedule regular trainings and automatically send emails to employees asking them to complete the training.

Claims & Expenses Tracking

Track expenses and setup workflow for the approvals and payments. Categories your expenses for better accounting, assign expenses to specific approved travel request.

Travel Management

Implement your travel policy with the travel module. Record and get approvals for travels and track travel expenses. Automatically maintain a travel calendar.

Payroll & Compliance

Easy HR provide complete package for defining your payroll and compliance forms for Provident Fund, ESIC, MLWF, PT and Income Tax. Setup Loans and Advances.

Performance Review

Conduct Performance reviews based on templates that you setup. for quarterly, half yearly or annually. Get feedback and peer review. setup rules for performance pay.


Easy HR Provide a simple but effect way to manage HR requests from employees and streamline the responses. This will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Asset Management

Keep a track of what assets are provided to the employees and when they are replaced or retired. Also make sure all assets are returned back to the company when they leave.

Rewards & Recognition

Allow managers to provide rewards and recommendations to the employees. This enhances employee engagement and leads to happy employees.

Central Administration

Use the setting screen to setup workflows for leaves, expenses, travel and trainings, to manage your company holidays. Setup and manage the employee induction and separation process.

What Our Customers Say About Us

How You Benefit

Easy to use

Theres nothing technical about our products. One of our primary design principles is ease-of-use. We know how unwieldy conventional HR management software can be, so we design ours as exact opposites. You dont have to undergo weeks or even days of rigorous training to use our software, simply because EasyHR products are so well-designed.

Easy for HR Administrators

Our products are carefully designed to provide you remote control to all the key, functional elements of HR including absence, employee information, notifications and alerts; managing recruitment processes etc. You can access all information on a 24/7 platform from anywhere in the world.

Easy for Businesses

To business managers, and CEOs, we promise Confidentiality, Privacy, Compliance and Customization. State your needs and we’ll tailor a product that exactly answers that need, in the least complex manner.

Easy for Employees

The design team at EasyHR is completely focused on User Experience and functionality. The result is a fabulous combination of intuitive usability for employees and powerful self-service features that can be accessed online 24/7, anywhere, and from any internet-connected device.

Easy on Your Pocket

If you havent already compared pricing, we encourage you to do so now. Youll find our HR software offer the best value for the price we charge. You can choose to pay us through a monthly subscription plan, based on how many employees you have, plus a one-time implementation fee.

Completely Secure

Your HR Information is securely put away and only you have access to it. Even we cannot touch it. We use a 256 bit SSL encryption, Amazon’s AWS infrastructure and software security with 99.99% up time SLA.

HRMS Mobile Apps

Easy HR Mobile App

You can now apply and approve your Leaves, Travel, Expenses. You can also mark your attendance and update your daily status report.

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Customized HRMS Solutions for Medium and Small Enterprises

EasyHR World is your one stop solution for functionalities and key aspects related to HRMS. HRMS or Human Resource Management System Software has become a vital ingredient in todays’ digitally advanced world. All companies and industries no longer rely by the traditional spreadsheets, but want to invest in software’s that will give them quick result.

EasyHR World provides your organization with a comprehensive HRMS management system that is user-friendly as well as less time consuming. As one of the leading HRMS companies in India, we understand your business requisite thoroughly and ensure that all your solutions are customized as per your requirement and need.

Few key features of HRMS solutions provided by EasyHR World are:
User-friendly: There are no technicalities involved in the usage of the software. Our design enables you to easily access the system from anywhere. A short comprehensive training will power you to operate your HRMS application system successfully without any hassles.
Whether it is employees or HR admins or entrepreneurs, this cloud based HRMS can be accessed from anywhere.

  • Confidentiality: If you are worried about sensitive company information not being secure, EasyHR World customizes the tool as per your need and ensures that all your business and employee information is maintained with the utmost confidentiality. You privacy is not going to get compromised in any way.

Our HRMS management system comes with 256 bit SSL encryption, Amazon’s AWS framework and software safety with nearly 100% up time SLA.

  • Affordable: Our HRMS and Payroll Software tool is easy to use as well as pocket-friendly. Based on the number of employees and the type of features you want customized, you can opt for different plans that match your preference.
  • Accessibility: Our cloud based HRMS can be accessed over a good internet connection from any part of the world. As a business, you need to be on the go all the time, and may not get too much time in the office. To corroborate for lost time, we ensure that your software is present wherever you go.
  • Power Packed Features: Right from maintaining employee attendance, to leave management, payroll, travel and medical expenses, training management, recruitment management, rewards and recognition, performance review, asset management, etc. everything can be easily managed with EasyHR world HRMS solutions India.

We have been successfully serving clients from different types of industries for the past many years. This has made us adept in offering tailor-made HRMS application system solutions that are industry-specific and meet todays’ superlative demands in all aspects.
All your Human Resource Management System Software criticalities just become much simpler and sophisticated, with EasyHR Worlds customized solutions. With over 20+ modules and combinations to pick from, getting the desired HRMS solution for your business is no longer a cumbersome task.
Whatever your requirement, we are here to serve you, better you and make you a successful organization with efficient HRMS management systems.

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