Where HR Meets Marketing

Where HR Meets Marketing

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..A process that keeps your employees happy and leads your business towards success

HR is more inclined towards marketing in today’s world. Companies are now realizing that hiring top quality employees can help them gain a competitive edge. In fact today, HR today doesn't just imply talent attraction, but also talent engagement and talent retention. The emerging influence of social media has also changed employers' outlook when it comes to motivation and communicating with talent. This has given birth to a new strategy for talent engagement – the Integrated HR-Marketing Strategy!

Recruiting is all about marketing and direct sales. For years now, recruitment professionals have been marketing professional opportunities via shared openings, culture as well as brand associations. In fact if you think from the sales point of you, this is probably the toughest sales job. Both the parties are buyers and there is a possibility that both can answer in the negative. Therefore, the main focus of recruitment is refinement of its “spoken sales pitch.”

Digital marketing has opened many doors for recruiters to share important information, offer glimpses into the organizational culture and build strong relationships with brand-fans. However, this can happen only when you share you brand message correctly.

If you wish to hire top employees, you need to emerge as a top employer. You have to prove that you care for your staff.

How to emerge as the employer of choice?

There are a few key principles you need to follow:

  • A Caring Culture: This is all about making your staff trust you and feel cared for.
  • Effective Leadership and Line Management: Set out clear responsibilities and let them know what they can in turn expect from you. The job profiles need to be updated and be accessible on a regular basis.
  • Innovative Work Practices: It's important to embrace new technology, replace old practices with new and adopt innovative ways to engage your staff.
  • Getting the Benefits Balance Right: It is good to make your staff understand the organizational goals and how they fit in. You need to recognize their contributions and reward them. This can be as simple as giving an extra holiday.
  • Protecting Businesses for the Future: This is possible only when you secure the future of your employees. Apart from providing them the right facilities, you should also provide them a platform where they can discuss their problems and find solutions.

In HR, it's important to market to internal customers before you market to external customers. By marketing to your internal customers you will improve their interaction with your external customers and result in greater customer satisfaction.

Marketing combined with HR will not just make your internal customers more efficient, but it also inspire them to be your brand ambassadors to your external customers.

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