Payroll automation

Payroll automation

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Intro: Save time, save effort and stay compliant

Are you still doing manual payroll calculations?

Manual reporting can be extremely time-consuming, tedious, boring and not to forget, prone to all sorts of human errors. Payroll Management is a critical internal function. It must be rendered on-time and error-free, otherwise, experts have discovered that it can lead to a lot of staff discontent.

The second main challenge with manual timekeeping is that it can be heavily labor-intensive. From an employee’s punch card, the payroll manager has to extract the number of work hours put in; and then enter those numbers into his spreadsheet to arrive at the entitlement. Making the calculation more complex is - overtime, unpaid breaks, absences, etc. Imagine having to do this for each employee, at every monthly pay cycle! Won't that be taxing and an inefficient use of a payroll manager’s time, that can be spent on more important, strategic tasks.

EasyHR can help. Whether your head count on your payrolls is 15 or 1500, we can automate your system so you don't have to rely on manual calculations. It's crucial for medium and enterprise-level organizations, as in their case, payroll often accounts for 50% of their total budget, according to one estimate.

With global cutback still the order of the day in a recession-recovering world, in order to remain viable and profitable, managers are often confronted with difficult choices. While many businesses have been forced to cut payroll costs by resorting to layoffs, there are those who are taking a more ethical route of cost reduction, simply by streamlining the payroll process with an automated solution, resulting in more accurate time and attendance tracking. This cuts down the wasteful expenditure on weak timesheet controls and human errors, especially in case of companies with staff spread out at multiple locations, at different sites and projects.

Remain focused on the core; outsource the rest to professionals

While payroll management is an important task, it's not a mission-critical task for an organization. If you are a medium to large-scale organization, you would do well to readily adopt workforce technology to have greater efficiency in your internal processes. Once you have experienced these outcomes, it would be easily for you to graduate from time and attendance data management to full integration, self-service, and analytics use, that we can help you with.

The biggest advantage with automated payroll system is compliance. With technology, you eliminate the scope of human error and your record-keeping capabilities get substantially enhanced. This is reflected in the booming sale of stand-alone or ERP-integrated Payroll Management software solutions.

These days, there are several automated, cloud-based solutions for time and attendance tracking to choose from, so select a solution that exactly answers your need. This is another area where our consultants can be of help to you.

In the past 25 years, HR technology has evolved to an extent, where it's possible to get your work done faster, more efficiently and securely. Use technology and automation to improve compliance, optimize your employees' time; allocate resources to strategic tasks; and save on time and talent.

The one-time, initial investment in automated, cloud-based systems is easily recoverable in the first few months of installation, a straight outcome of the plugging of all internal sources of revenue leakage.

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