Get more done in less time with office automation tools

Get more done in less time with office automation tools

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Behind every successful business is an efficient Human Resource department

Investing in Automation software to operate our travel concierge business, which we run for Disney Destinations, was one of the best decisions we made. Now we have everything under control

  • Managing our clients
  • Sending emails
  • Following up on payments
  • Thank-you letters
  • Preplanning questionnaires
  • Sending travel insurance reminders

and even making monthly payments on a hundred other things.

At EasyHR, we use a battery of sophisticated software to automate all these routine tasks, tailored to match our clients' requirements. We use it to personalize senior managers' vacation plans; improve communication with their respective teams and focus on building their business networks. No more do they have to get involved in the mundane activities related to office administration.

The Result?

"All this has definitely trimmed down our bottom line, a long-time client with EasyHR. Therefore, if you still think you can manage all your HR activities without investing in automation software think again!

Technology is today a major aspect of HR. Value creation automation is the best way to enhance the overall performance of your business and gear it for greater efficiency.

No more is HR seen as a department today. It is treated as a business partner who contributes towards planning up strategies to achieve organizational objectives. Its new role lies in understanding how to improve the processes of the business in terms of people management.

Automation is a decision you need to take after taking inputs from your team members in order to get your routine tasks completed with minimal or no intervention from your senior management team. Once you become free, you can then think of alternate, more creative ways of adding value to your operations and get more done in less time.

HR is all about finding and retaining people who are going to make your business grow. You cannot take the risk of leaving it on paper or it can make people, opportunities, money and time slip away through the cracks.

Office automation tools will not just make tasks simpler but faster. They can be cleverly deployed to increase accuracy in your routine operations, eliminate redundancy and make sure your data is always bankable and complete.

Here is a list of five processes that you can easily automate at office:


Every time a new recruit joins your company he can be made to go through an onboarding process, which may require at least a week™s time and resource investment. By streamlining this process, you bring in standardized protocols and accountability.  Provisioning your new recruits with the necessary access grants and equipment also becomes easier when you automate the process of onboarding.

Employee Information System

An Automated Employee Information System can help in maintaining, tracking and retrieving all employee databases in one, secure place. Such a system can be tweaked to customize it to your requirements. Updating information also becomes easier and the chances of data loss or errors get remarkably reduced.

Time Sheet Tracking

Time Sheet Tracking is where there is maximum scope for errors and disputes exists. Automating time sheet would mean simplifying the process of data collection and validation and streamlining the process of updating employee records. Not only would this streamline your operations, it will also enhance the productivity of your employees.

Performance Appraisal Process

Inaccurate data due to lack of effective metrics and infrequent feedbacks by managers can be detrimental for employees. This could invariably lead to frustrations that may prove to be fatal for the organization. Automating the process of performance appraisal would mean automatic updating of employee records, backed by effective employee performance metrics.


Like onboarding, off-boarding too can be a tedious, cumbersome process. A lot of data needs to be collated, documents to be prepared and access cards and equipment to be returned. If not done well, you would not only be causing avoidable losses to the company, as well as compromising with the safety of your organization. An automated system would mean imply simplifying all these processes, minimizing errors and reducing the time involved.

So go ahead, choose the processes that you want to automate and take those first baby steps to make sure your business run at its optimum, without much ado.

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