#DigitalHR, Pray, what’s that?

#DigitalHR, Pray, what’s that?


Technology is the cause of all evils! Ironically, I stumbled upon this phrase on search giant – Google!

“The workplace experience is changing in profound ways” writes Paul Daugherty in his bestseller, Human + Machine: Re-imagining Work in the Age of #AI. Technology, A.I, machines are not phobic terms if used in the correct context as work-enabling tools for employee empowerment.

According to the Economic Forum and Accenture, 87% of the workforce covered in a recent survey jointly conducted by the two agencies, consider #AI as an important tool that is going to enhance our work experience. Agreeing with this prediction, Jeanne Meister in, The Future Of Work: Three New HR Roles In The Age Of  Artificial Intelligence, written for the Forbes online magazine, observes that in the next few years to come, workers would be ready to use their free time in picking a new set of skills that could support their current field.

At EasyHR, we often interact with prospective clients who ask for a Free Demo from us to understand our products. Invariably, they understand the value of #AI, but balk when told even the conservative amount that needs to be spent.

And the need to spend is acute as according to a McKinsey’s future of work report: “375 million workers around the globe may have to jump to new occupation group and learn new skills --- why? Because 60% of the job titles will get automated.”  No doubt, we need to wake up and smell the coffee!

In the Human Resources sector #AI competency is a necessary skill if you looking out for smart work, happy employees and better turnover. At EasyHR we have a product called Recruitment Management. This product has a feature called hiring summary, which gives a graphical representation of all the open positions in a company at a given point of time. It has an updated view of each and every stage of the recruitment process, from new applicant, internal interview, phone screening, first interview, second one and so on till the last stage of final decision.

Another feature is an Applicant List that not just displays a list of candidates that have applied for different positions; it also displays rating and archiving for future reference. Public Job Board section is directly linked to your website, all applications received get instantly added to your Easy HR software setup. Managing a group of people is often a hell of a task. But with technology can handle such technicalities, while ensuring that your  Human Resources remain focussed on important aspects of productivity and work environment.

A recent KPMG survey -  The future of HR 2019: In the Know or in the No of 1,200 global HR executives mentions how massive digital transformations are taking the global HR industry by a storm. Yet 50% of the respondents confessed to “not being prepared” to handle #AI and Machine Learning technologies.

“One or two years in this digital age might compare to a decade or two in the analogue era. You can fall perilously behind before you realize what’s happening,” concludes Robert Bolton, in the KPMG survey. Bolton is the head of People and Change Centre of Excellence, Partner in KPMG, UK.

In the Indian scenario, if you are ready to make the change, EasyHR is here to help. You may want to begin with the basic modules of Training Management, Administration Module, Process Automation and Induction & Exit Management before moving to move advanced sections of our software training.

The clock is ticking. There is no time to waste.

Closing the piece, with the words of Prakash Rao, the founding member and Vice President of Human Capital Management firm, People Strong. On the same page as Bolton, he feels, “Most of the HR leaders remain confused and overwhelmed by so many new additions, thus facing a risk of extinction. They are either struggling to adapt to this digital era or ignoring change altogether.” As penned for Economic Times in, The future is now: The changing role of HR. Let’s start the #DigitalHR revolution for good.

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