Career in Human Resources (HR)

Career in Human Resources (HR)

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HR professionals contribute a great deal to any business, its growth and success. If you are “peoples’ person” then choosing HR as a career would enhance your growth, not to mention that “job Satisfaction”. It would also give you the opportunity to interact with people from diversified background, experience, skills, and emotional intelligence.

But possessing soft skills is not enough as you also need to have vast knowledge of the business and strategies and a strong numeric and analytical skills which would only make your journey truly rewarding.

Over the last decade HRM ‘s role in any organisation has evolved from being just an administrative and routine jobs to where it now plays a crucial role in conducting interviews, managing employee relations, providing career growth advice and employee benefits, performance and productivity expectations.

Every organisation have varied verticals and adapting to its set up can prove challenging. While HRM projects organisational the values, there are array of roles in the department that you can select from to begin your career.


HR General:

HR generalist handle different responsibilities from sourcing and recruiting the right candidate for the job to resolving issues and disputes among employees , streamlining processes or helping to develop new methods.

Performance and Reward expert: Performance and Reward personnel is responsible in identifying the contributions of an employee to business and reward accordingly in a cost effective way. Here, you need to have knowledge of legal procedures relating to reward, knowledge about the law for pension and bonuses.

Learning and Talent Development:

Learning and Talent Development Managers extract the best out of employees by identifying their skills and abilities, conduct trainings and mentoring programmes. They act as guiding force to groom potential candidates keeping in mind the end result and the impact on the business profitability and growth.

Organisation Development:

The role would be to bring in a wave of change by introducing new processes which would be beneficial for the organisation, working in a planned and systematic way.


As Recruitment and Resourcing Manager your prime responsibilities would be identifying and recruiting the right candidate for the business and develop a resevoir of database to fulfil the long and short term requirements of the organisation. Additionally, also planning for promotions and rise by identifying talent across the organisation would be your key role.

Employee Relations:

This involves practicing fairness in workplace by motivating teams, effective communication of the goals and purpose, and giving opportunities without bias. It is important to have an open forum where employees can air their grievances thereby building the trust of the employees. It would immensely help in establishing a positive atmosphere in the company

Overall a career in HR is exhilarating as its gives opportunity to understand human psychology, relations and provides great insight into the different aspects of any go ahead and choose your path!!

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