Do You Allow Sanity to Your Employees?

Do You Allow Sanity to Your Employees?

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Just as in our personal lives, we play multiple roles in our professional lives too.

At times we are problem solvers….

At other times, we are mediators....or sounding boards….or idea-spinners

A couple of situations make us pose even as behavior changers….

Along with these roles, we can also be called upon to be friends and partners, and, yes sometimes 'nurturers' to our mentees. Undoubtedly, it can get taxing and tiring at times.

This is because while juggling these multiple roles, we are trying to meet the needs of many people at the same time. There could be days when the demands keep piling up with no let-up. During these occasions, we may have to sacrifice family time and personal goals at the company's altar. The key to manage such situations well is  'work-life balance.' Employees love organizations that provide them unlimited access to such stress-busting, 'sanity' tools.

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Although most of us do understand the importance of balancing our professional and personal lives, do we actually manage to achieve it? Maybe not!

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Luckily there are many technological tools available to help you strike that perfect balance or Easyhr can customise one for you, just for the asking! There could be separate battery of tools for different functional roles. This one caters, specifically to the needs of the HR community.

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Or let EasyHr design a branded, tailored app for your organisation and win brownie points from your internal customers and keep your retention record straight and manageable.

The concept of work-life balance evolved in the 1980s when the work-place dynamics began to gradually change, demanding you to be available to your office establishment on a 24/7 platform. HR technologies that we can help design and implement at your place of work will contribute to:

  • Reduction in absenteeism
  • Substantive increase in productivity
  • Boost employee morale
  • Retain talent

Organisational stories that inspire

IBM India recently invested heavily in a slew of HR tools that offer flexible workweek schedules, family counseling, leave of absence programmes and part time employment options. They also offered recreational activities and sabbaticals. Every once in a while, the HR team at IBM India keeps reinforcing on its commitment to achieve employee work-life balance.

TCS adopted the concept of flexi-time by popularising the five-day-week concept. They also conduct sessions on stress management, nutrition and lifestyle improvement.

Zensar Technologies is a pioneer in offering child care services and running a well-equipped crèche for women employees with encumbrances. Their program ‘Madat Online’ has become the most popular in the industry. They also provide a clutch of other employee-friendly policies, such as cheque drop, cheque withdrawals, paying a child's school fees on time etc. - chores that often slip a busy executive's mind and jam-packed schedule.

Shell The multinational company conducts a Global People Survey every year in order to find out employee perceptions and measure how far they have been successful in achieving work-life balance. Shell discourages working on weekends or working overtime. Also, employees are not allowed to carry forward or encash their leaves - those have to be availed as they come.

These are a few of our favourite things:

  • Wireless tracking systems: To enable employees and sales executives to work away from their desk and yet be accountable for their output.
  • Preventive healthcare plans: To attend to unforeseen maladies early stages so as to reduce absenteeism or work overloads.
  • Smart Human Resource Management tools: To make sure no employee is overloaded with work, resulting in stress and anxiety, and remain alert to such symptoms.
  • Fine-tuning employee benefit programsmes: This will definitely keep you ahead of competition and attract new talent, while retaining the existing base.

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Life is not a rat race. Find mentors. Keep learning. Think smart. Adopt new technologies that make jobs simpler and easier.

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