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Manufacturing industry is one of the oldest and most vital elements of revenue generation in the nation. In addition, the "Make in India" campaign has fuelled up the already robust manufacturing sector across the nation. With globalization becoming a norm these days, the manufacturing industry is undergoing massive transformation triggering a whole new set of HR challenges to tackle. Our manufacturing Payroll software is tailored to address all the HRM challenges that you face as a manufacturing business.

Our HRMS Software for the manufacturing sector helps manufacturing companies streamline their productivity by optimizing and automating critical HR and Payroll functions. With EasyHR, you can focus on other revenue-generating and strategic processes.

HR as a revenue contributor by 2020

As India is expected to become the fifth largest manufacturing country by 2020, the role of HR as a revenue contributor in this labor-intensive industry is pivotal.

Real-time Analytics for Decision Makers

Today’s dynamic workforce demand that CHROs and CXOs of manufacturing organizations are equipped with real-time analytics for assessment and strategic decision making.

Improvement in the Bottom line

Helping improve remarkably in the bottom line by minimizing high-turnover and serious skill gap challenges. Also helping by streamlining HR processes.

The Future of HCM for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is often plagued with complex processes that significantly complicate the task of HR teams. From ensuring compliance to balancing conflicting demands of increased efficiency at reduced costs, HCM plays a significant role in realizing the strategic goals of any manufacturing organization. EasyHR powers the HR operations of medium and large complexity driven manufacturing enterprises. HR Processes and Practices that are complex yet that have to be included for core HR operations management are managed effortlessly by EasyHR.

HRM Challenges for Manufacturing Companies:

  • Processing large volumes of Payroll data across different locations, union and diverse payscales.
  • Computing employee overtime.
  • Tracking employee time/attendance.
  • Off-site time tracking.
  • Providing accurate Payroll data.
  • Labour law compliances.
  • Leave Management.
  • Painstaking HR admin and paperwork.
  • Wage calculation by hour/job type.
  • Tracking multiple shift timings.
  • Tracking multiple shift timings.
  • Handling employee benefits, taxes and insurance.

How EasyHR is making a Difference with Manufacturing Payroll Software:

  • Calculate and process Payroll for the number of hours worked and/or according to shift timings.
  • Calculate overtime pay.
  • Process and run Payroll for multi-state, multi-union and multi-payscales.
  • Seamless integration with biometric systems for spot-on time/attendance tracking.
  • Manage Payroll fringe benefits, bonuses, taxes and insurance.
  • Automate shifts time tracking.
  • Labour law compliance.
  • Leave Management.
  • Control HR overheads.
  • Easy reporting.
  • Centralized Payroll database.

Our Manufacturing HR software helps manufacturing companies streamline their productivity by optimizing and automating critical HR and Payroll functions. With EasyHR, you can focus on other revenue-generating and strategic processes. Check out our HR solution by Industries. EasyHR also provides HRMS for Retail industry.

" True to its name Easy HR has completely eased our HR and related process along with accurate accountability from individuals in our system."

Ketan Kadam
- Ketan Kadam Founder & CEO at Maroosh

Team Easy HR have been a pleasure to work with. EasyHR has been a steady and dependable business partner of MyCFO's over the years.

Venkat S
- Venkat S Founder at MyCFO and Practus, Inc

"We sincerely appreciate your efforts and the way you have demonstrated them. We are delighted by the quality of your services and appreciate your responsiveness and professionalism. You are very reliable and thanks to this, we have managed to keep our employees satisfied."

Viraj Raut
- Viraj Raut Senior Manager - HR at PAMAC Finserv

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