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Healthcare is one of the most challenging yet fastest growing industries in India. Plus, the challenging work environment in the healthcare sector calls for experienced and empowered workforce to deliver quality and timely services. EasyHR understands the complex HCM needs of healthcare industry and thus has come up with a holistic HRMS software for hospitals. Healthcare entails wellness and preventive care, pharmaceuticals, treatment, and recovery, which calls for a highly skilled and engaged team of healthcare experts and caregivers. For management, it is imperative to have instant access to all the employee data such as certifications, training, Payroll, etc. This is where our healthcare Payroll Management software comes into picture.

Growth in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

According to Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s report, India‘s Pharmaceutical sector is estimated to touch US$ 74 billion in sales by 2020, from the current US$ 11 billion. GoI plans to set up a US$ 640 million venture capital fund to boost drug discovery and strengthen pharmaceutical infrastructure.

HR Outlook

India contributes the second-largest share of pharmaceutical and biotech workforce in the world. Indian drugs are exported to more than 200 countries in the world, with the US as the key market. The Indian Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world given its increasing returns, lower risks, and anticipated growth.

Talent market

Increased investment opportunities are relentlessly pushing organizations to drive revenue growth now, more than ever. The right mix of talent and technology will be needed to meet the new set of challenges. In spite of global attention, human resource management is still not perceived as the game-changer that can contribute to the growth of pharmaceuticals.

HR Challenges for Healthcare Industry:

  • Maintaining a streak of statutory compliances in the ever-changing regulatory environment
  • Managing remote workforce across multiple locations
  • Lack of Payroll automation
  • Lack of centralized HR database
  • Managing employee benefits, vacation/sick time, etc.
  • Managing and tracking certifications
  • Performance management
  • Managing time-off
  • Attendance Management
  • Heavy HR admin work and costs
  • Lack of single point-of-contact for employee information
  • Lack of self-service
  • Paper-based HR functions

Cloud based healthcare HR software

  • Cloud based healthcare Payroll software
  • Unified and well-integrated eHR software for hospitals
  • Web based time and attendance tracking
  • Automated overtime, shift, Payroll and tax calculations
  • Full HR compliance for support caregivers, employees and other support staff
  • Employee insurance management
  • Claims and benefits management
  • Full and final settlement
  • Performance management
  • Self service portal
  • Single sign-on interface and centralized HR database

EasyHR is well-versed with the diverse and volatile HRM needs of the healthcare sector and our healthcare HR software has been designed keeping in mind these diverse requirements. Ours is a well-integrated healthcare Payroll software offering great flexibility to process salaries per job type, hours worked, etc. Check out our Payroll solution by Industries. EasyHR also provides HRMS for Education industry.

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