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EasyHR is an all-inclusive employee management software serving businesses of all sizes and verticals across Bangalore. We understand the burgeoning human capital management needs in the IT capital of country i.e., Bangalore.

EasyHR is a comprehensive suite of HR solutions to address the various pain points encountered by HR professionals. In fact, it is designed to make the lives of HR people a lot easier and hassle-free. Well-configured, ready-to-deploy and cloud-ready makes EasyHR a perfect pick-me-up HR software in Bangalore.

Easy to use complete HRMS Software in Bangalore

We are the leading HR and payroll software companies in India. EasyHR is a simple, intuitive and comprehensive cloud-based HRMS software in Bangalore. EasyHR offers all the modules and features is your perfect ‘hire-to-retire’ HRMS solution, offering detailed and robust modules for addressing a range of HR and payroll operations.

Web and Mobile HRMS Software all in one place in Bangalore

With an ever-increasing number of remote workforce and sales force in Bangalore, it is a challenge for HR experts and managers to manage their workforces on daily basis. in addition to the daily commute is a battle for every Punekar. EasyHR helps you connect with your employees be it in Pune or anywhere in the world with its mobile HRMS solution. Put all your worries aside when looking for the best mobile payroll software providers in Bangalore, as our mobile HR solution helps you manage your people on the go.

Tracking employee attendance and time with the Best HR Software in Bangalore

With an increasingly remote workforce and sales force, tracking employee work hours is one of the biggest issues for HR Departments. Our HR software automates the entire time and attendance tracking process saving a great deal of time and efforts for HR.

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