The future of HR

The future of HR

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How technology is reshaping HRM in 2015

One of the top offshore BPO companies has launched on an ambitious 'Future of HR' multi-year research initiative meant to study the impact of tech adoption and application on the mandate, skills, capabilities, roles, and organizational structures within the HR function. The study aims to make a record of the new developments in technology, changing employee expectations, continued market volatility, and more.

Through this initiative, the transnational BPO player tries to explore key business trends that are fundamentally reshaping the HR role. It also provides actionable insights to HR managers, head honchos and business executives and arms them with a suite of new tools to address these trends and help their people and organizations become more productive.

It cannot be overemphasized that the HR technology market is exploding at the borderline.  One of the most noteworthy trends is automating HR practices and integrating systems, making them so easy to adopt that over time, users begin to think of them as indispensable.

By weaving in several HR processes into employees’ daily workflow, tech and automation service providers are making it easier for people to self-manage their work output; update their status; find their benefits; benchmark their performance; locate other skilled people, find and take training courses (offline or online), assess job candidates, complete onboarding for a new job, and set or monitor personal or their mentee's goals.

Undoubtedly, the desire to run simple and follow cost-effective, flexible, self-serve models is fuelling a technology revolution in the HR domain. New performance management tools are making a tedious, complex process simple and paperless, besides more efficient — thereby freeing up time for the HR managers to move up the value chain and play a more important strategic role in the organization.

Going forward, work-life balance is going to be an important goal for an organization looking at maximizing their worker's productivity. "Such engagements require software that can easily guide employees through administrative processes — so people can get back to their work," observes a Forbes article.

All this will spell new challenges, as well as opportunities. New skills and technologies will have to be developed. In such a scenario, the four qualities of survival and success for a global worker would be: Leadership Creativity Project management, Communication/Interpersonal skills.

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