Sometimes the most efficient of an HR Manager can end up with egg on his face

Sometimes the most efficient of an HR Manager can end up with egg on his face

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Here's how to cope with such a scenario

Haresh Mehta couldn’t  undo April 29, 2015, the day a flunky in his human resources (HR) team accidentally shot off a "You didn't get the job" email to 60-odd  applicants, including candidates already short-listed for the job!

To be fair, in any manual job, some bloomers can't be avoided. Others can at least be prevented, if you take the right steps to decrease the risk of messing up. HR Managers who have lived through such nightmares suggest you pin down exactly what you need before reviewing vendors, picking software, filing reports and short listing candidates . Ask questions. Run pilots. Tear apart the charade of smooth-talking sales reps and grill people you want to hire. Leave no stone unturned in doing your homework and then some.

Take a cue from Mehta. He had to send a recall mail but the damage was already done. Rather than look for a fall guy, he later felt compelled to issue a personal apology to all those rejected candidates, explaining what had happened and why they weren't being considered for the job.

The incident taught Mehta a valuable lesson. He still uses the company's CRM, but before hitting the automated response button, he is careful about ready the text message, checking the address and subject line - twice. Technology makes your job easier, but you have to learn to use it to your advantage, not your detriment.

When EasyHR supplies a piece of software to one of our clients, we make sure they know all the pitfalls of not using it appropriately.

Since, the HR interface today is a portal not a person, you have to train your staff about how to use these tools and technology.

Implementing e-HR solutions calls for making fundamental changes in your work flow processes and indeed in your mindsets, in view of your new roles as technology enablers. Choosing your vendor and deciding how much work to outsource are also vitally important decisions.

In order to draw the maximum return on your technology investment, it’s important to choose a vendor who offers modern capabilities and intuitive access.  Some of the features you could look out for in the vendor's service list are:

HR managers should deploy new technology to inform their decision process with a clear intent - what has to be accomplished with the new piece of software and how. Can this technology be customized to your specific needs?

Indeed, with Easy HR, it’s time to stop settling for less. HR is a core functional area of your organization. Your people resources drive your profitability. Anything that impacts them, impacts your company. Don't take this responsibility lightly.

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