How Does Social Media Affect a Human Resources Professional?

How Does Social Media Affect a Human Resources Professional?

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At the local social networking site recently, a search for computer programmers was conducted online. Within a week, the site received nearly a 100 profiles of suitable candidates.

"Online social platforms such as blogs, podcasts, social networking sites, widgets,  and RSS feeds are all changing the way we work and connect to our colleagues, says a global study on Internet usage conducted by media buying agency LodeStar Universal.

User base

According to technology and market research firm Forrester Research, demand for Web 2.0 tools such as wikis is expected to grow manifold over the coming years. It is a trend mirrored at IBM, where wikis have emerged as a virtual replacement for conference calls, with more than 125,000 registered users now using IBM’s WikiCentral, according to a Live Mint report.

However, social media tools need to be used right in order to deliver their full benefits. Google is a master at that, and other corporates need to emulate the search giant's example.

Late adopters of technology

HR professionals are often late-adopters of technology, especially anything to do with social media. But used right, it can be a very powerful channel for scouting fresh test, recruitments, training, making company announcements etc., and engaging employees in a thousand other creative ways.


Social media can help you cast your net wider for talent.

Here is how you can use online conversations to fish for the right candidate. The biggest benefit is that you can study their online profiles to check fitment into a particular role or organization culture.

Training & Development

You can also use the existing training modules on platforms like LinkedIn and Slideshare to expand learning options and create a collaborative learning environment that is delightfully unstructured and informal.

Announcing organizational changes

From the bearer of distressing news, HR managers are now channelizing happy news as well that impacts employee relations. Social media platforms like Twitter allow human resource managers to efficiently broadcast announcements to large pools of employees and diffuse the threat of a rumor running overtime, during crisis time. These platforms, whether hosted on Twitter or the company's intranet, also facilitate Q&A sessions after a new policy change has been announced.

Soliciting employee feedback

Human resource are meant to measure and improve employee performance. With online social platforms this can be accomplished in the most transparent manner, possible.  Banning social media surging during office hours would be akin to throwing the baby away with the bath water. This is the perspective that has to fall in place.

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