Must Have HR Tools for Your Organization

Must Have HR Tools for Your Organization

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No business can run without people. And if there is no Human Resource Management to hire and manage those people, no organization will be able to achieve its goals. This blog will quickly run you through the best-in-class HR tools that every progress organization must have to survive today’s tough competition.

Most HR Managers have started using advanced technology tools and cloud-based HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems), which help them improve and streamline their core processes and operations.

With so many easy options available, it could be tricky to find the right HR software system that meets your company’s specific requirements. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of some of the most promising HR tools, which you can use, for various HR activities such as recruitment, job posting, employee training, employee engagement, and performance management.

Tools for Recruitment


LinkedIn is the most popular social media recruiting tool that organizations all over the world, make use of. This is an excellent tool for sourcing talent and targeting candidates who may be interested in a particular subject or field. is a tool that makes use of screening surveys as well as behavioral science to find candidates for various hiring teams and roles. You can use this tool to shortlist your candidates and interview them using structured behavioral questions.

Tools for Job Posting


Indeed is one of the most popular job boards that job seekers use to find jobs that match their profiles. The simple pay-per click model offered by this mega-aggregator makes it very cost-effective for job posting. Compelling job ads with correct keywords will be found and displayed easily and automatically in relevant search results.

One of the largest and the oldest portals for job seekers and employers, is a website that is trusted by thousands of Indians. It is also the most influential portal of all.

Tools for Training


This is a cloud-based system using which you can create training programs for your employees. Whether you want to reuse old content or find new content on the net, this system will help you do it all. You can even build your own eLearning portal using customizable themes and logos. It comes with gamification options, through which you can create lesson paths for easier learning.

iSpring Suite and iSpring Learn

If you love making presentations, you will love this PowerPoint-integrated tool using which you can create your own eLearning courses. You can even organize and monitor the training programs that you have created by using iSpring Learn. You can choose from the free and the paid versions depending on the features you may require.

Tools for Employee Engagement


Bonusly is one tool that helps you recognize your employees every time they do a job well. Peers and managers can give “micro bonuses” as recognition of the contributions of the employees. Employees can convert these micro bonuses into rewards that they can choose from a custom catalog.

Culture Amp

Culture Amp is an app that helps you collect feedback from your employees and act upon them. It has an entire library of customizable surveys that are created by organizational psychologists. You can choose from these surveys and build your own feedback program.

In the final analysis, EasyHR caters to all the HR requirements of all organizations. What you choose depends entirely on the operations that you want to streamline and the goals that you want to achieve.

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