HR Strategies Toolkit

HR Strategies Toolkit

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"Why," you may inquire, "do I need a policies and practices manual or software program for managing my staff?”

Since when is people management a strategic – consideration, needing meticulous planning?

The simple answer is, since the time the human factor of production became the most important driver for the Knowledge Economy. With employees in the driving seat, you need to creatively and “strategically” manage your workplace to be able to develop, communicate and enforce a set of policies and practices that are designed to promote growth at individual and organizational level. Modern day automation tools offer the opportunity to wield more control over your HR strategic planning based on a defensible quantitative process rather than your “gut feeling.”

Since a strategic plan is an important navigational tool, you need to choose your tools with care, involving all key stakeholders and updating your toolkit as often as your business environment changes.

Strategic Planning Toolkit

Planning a resource strategy becomes a lot easier if you start with a well-designed template, such as SmartDraw's strategic planning software, or DoView, ManagePro, GoldSim or ApHusys(TM) that helps automate several HR transactions in an organization. Need to document an on-site safety risk or maintenance need? With Skitch you can snap a photo of the concern, quickly add an arrow to point out the area in need of attention, and then share the annotated image as needed.

All said and done, the role of a human resource department is no longer limited to hiring, Payroll Management, performance appraisals and ensuring compliance – although all these functions are individually and collectively extremely essential.

If you don’t know what strategic tools to choose from in a marketplace clogged with non-differentiated products, ideas and tools, we can help you in making the right selection. If the licensing fee of branded software appears steep, we can custom-make one for you on open source platform in a stripped-down version that more closely matches your business needs. We have been in the business long enough to recommend the right technology to a customer.

These days, the new breed of HR professionals are called upon to behave as development consultants, helping to determine priorities, setting an aggressive agenda for growth; designing work flows; crafting strategy, and shaping culture. All these roles require the infusion of new technologies (especially mobile) and real-time employee connectivity and interaction across diverse workforce, spread across the globe. If nothing, the new must at least drive greater worker participation in their own and the company’s growth, enhance productivity in a competitive, rapidly marketplace, and ensure steadily increasing returns on investment (ROI).

As companies adopt more social and mobile features into their HR functions, they will succeed in making strategy a joint responsibility and that’s when the stage would be set for real change.

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