How to boost productivity through workflow management?

How to boost productivity through workflow management?

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Managing people with various skills and abilities in a business organization is a complex process. Stress and anxiety occur when employees face issues where their skills don't align well. This will hurt overall productivity. Hence it is important to enhance the workflow management of an organization by following an efficient strategy of human resource management. Let's see more on efficiently managing the workflow and people in an organization.

Objective of human resource management:

The role of human resource management is to meet organizational goals by ensuring a seamless experience for its staff. Functional human resource management ensures better integration of teams, great work culture, timely training, and employee motivation and retention through empowerment. There are best hr software in India helping realize everything easily.

Workflow management tips for better productivity:

The functions of human resource management can be carried out in the best way by implementing the following tips:

i. Analysis of current workflow:

To improve the workflow, it is important that businesses first know the work processes in every department thoroughly. This will help in figuring out anything that has not been right so far. Communicating with the employees, and taking their feedback plays a vital role in this process.

ii. Filling the gaps:

Once the workflow analysis is done, it is essential to check if there are any demotivating factors, break in communication, or lack of proper instruction. These can be hindrances in the improvement process. Filling these gaps helps in the better implementation of an improved workflow management system.

iii. Breaking down the complete process:

Break the whole process into small manageable steps as this makes management easier. Complicated workflow results in the creation of various dependencies and decision points, making everything quite complicated.

iv. Ranking the processes:

This implies prioritizing your work for better outcomes at the end. It will help businesses in accomplishing the most important tasks first and leaving the least important ones for focussing at the end.

v. Documentation:

Since it is not practically possible to memorize every important thing, documentation is essential. This will help in efficiently accomplishing the work which has to be performed. While doing this, it is important to avoid assuming anything without strong evidence.

vi. Using workflow management software:

This will result in work process automation that will prevent chances of errors and miscommunication. Some of the best workflow management tools are ProWorkflow, Jira, SharePoint, ProofHub, and many more. There are various HR management software in India which can be used for strategic human resource management for best outcomes. The HR software price in india varies and the free versions have lesser features. Companies can even use cloud-based HR software in India for better efficiency.

Here are benefits of using workflow management software:

  • Operating cost decreases.
  • Ensures data security and privacy.
  • Makes the workflow management system architecture more transparent. Communication roadblocks are prevented because of the ease of accessibility to relevant data.
  • Results in better accountability by assigning relevant tasks to people.
  • Keeps the workflow management system for MNCs audit-ready.
  • Helps in smooth collaboration between teams on a platform for efficient functioning.

vii. Checking the effectiveness of new workflow:

Once the new workflow is implemented, notice the live workplace environment's response to it. For this, businesses can implement it in the new projects and see how everything goes.

viii. Tweaking the new workflow as needed:

Based on the performance of the new workflow, changes can be introduced. For this, patiently observing everything is needed to identify the flaws and make changes accordingly.

ix. Explaining the new workflow to employees:

Once a workflow is tested and all needed improvements are introduced, the employees should be made aware of all its aspects. This will help them in getting the best out of it as they understand how everything works.

x. Pursuing perfection:

It is important to make improvements in the current work process to polish it and make it better suited to the changing work environment.

Major workflows which require automation:

i. Workflow for approving a document that begins with draft creation, reviewing, sending to the manager and if rejected, it is sent back and updated to repeat the process. Then it is sent to the concerned stakeholders.

ii. Request for approval of expenses that need filling up the form and attach receipts with comments. It may be approved or rejected asking for clarification of certain parameters.

iii. With HR compliance software in India, onboarding new employees that needs getting the candidates to fill up a form, sign it digitally, all of which is routed for approval to the respective departments.

iv. Automation of leave approval involves filling up leave request forms which can be reviewed by the concerned manager quickly and accordingly notify the applicants.

v. Vendor approval process automation requires the new member to fill a form with some basic details on the website, which are passed on to the manager. They are then welcomed with a unique identification number.


It is important for businesses to analyze the process reports to keep an eye on any kind of anomalies or bottlenecks so that improvements can be made accordingly. Organizations must never be skeptical about using the right project management tools as this eases the whole process. Besides this, focusing on the target audience's needs, and operating in line with meeting the predefined goals for every project can ensure better outcomes.

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