Having employees buy into your HR technology

Having employees buy into your HR technology

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It could be a tad difficult but worth the try

Why to waste your energy in getting quality work, when you can get the same quality work without wasting your energy?


Ok, let’s make it simple.

Imagine you are flooded with work, but at the same time dying from hunger. What would you prefer from the two options mentioned below?

Going to a restaurant personally and ordering food?


Ordering food on the phone?

Option two sounds real sexy, right?


When technology is advancing fast, why not we make use of it for making our lives - and jobs - simpler. Although HR is still not completely tech savvy, there has been a real progress in the area. In the past years, HR tech initiatives have tried to strike a fine balance between people, process and technology needs.

As a key driver of effectiveness and efficiency, the application of cutting-edge HR technology has dramatically reduced paper work but when it comes to managing dynamic projects, innovative technology is the dire need of the hour. This is because:

  • Hi-tech HR solutions facilitate real-time communication that speeds-up processes
  • Customised HR tech systems save managers time, energy and efforts wasted in second-guessing
  • It increases productivity, flexibility and streamlines processes

Fence sitters who are unsure of high reliance on HR Technologies should consider two important factors - how seamless is their access to the new pack of solutions and whether the system is secure. If not, these loopholes need to be plugged in before the top management is able to secure the employee buy-in.

Other factors that need to be looked into before deploying these technologies:

  • Size and growth plans of the company
  • Tech savvy-ness of the employees
  • Company's budget to invest in HR technologies
  • The timeframe for execution

HR technology is growing, because companies have begun to gain confidence that these software solutions can help grow their business and retain their talent. And employees are also finding these solutions friendly and low on maintenance.

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