#GigEconomy and the Role of HR!

#GigEconomy and the Role of HR!


‘Uber launches a job app for #gigeconomy workers’ – shouted a headline on BBC business website. It intrigued me and I read further to discover that the app will help casual workers (read contractual workers) to connect with business houses who want to hire them. They can compare the payment offered (per hour) and look out for different shifts, and so on --- a marketplace for contractual workers.

With the advent of the #Gigeconomy, Easy HR has all the #HRAutomation tools handy to make it work for your organization

For starters, the app will be work in Chicago and the main categories listed would be cleaners, warehouse workers and bar staff. As we speak, the app must have already been launched, activated and fetching jobs for the unemployed.

Recently Easy HR worked on a mobile model for an aspiring fashion designer who prefers freelancing to a 9 to 5 job. He has artisans and tailors hired in different suburbs. Since he does not have time to monitor and has to travel for work, Easy HR’s #mobileapp came to his rescue. He manages everything on the phone app. He has hired workers on contract, their attendance, travel, leaves and expenses all get managed on Easy HR #mobileapp. He is more than happy with it and has commissioned us to expand its functionality.

A survey by McKinsey Global Institute - Independent work: Choice, necessity, and the #gigeconomy reported that around 162 million people in Europe and U.S, that fall under the working bracket were engaged in freelance or contract work. As digital platforms are evolving, the independent sector is virtually booming.

A Harvard Business Review article by Diane Mulcahy, Who Wins in the #GigEconomy, and Who Loses reveals some facts - more than 70% of US workers are “not engaged in their jobs”. There is lack of job satisfaction and stress from work is steeply rising among Americans. The #Gigeconomy gives the much-needed respite. The possibility of real time interactions offers a viable, alternative model, so why not?

In India the scenario is not much different. Das, the chairman and co-founder of the co-working space IndiQube once had a closed-door meeting with HR heads Infosys, Wipro, GE, Mindtree, following which Das said, “One of them admitted that a big chunk of their  workforce comprises of freelancers. Clearly, companies, specifically large enterprises, are are happy with this paradigm shift.

The writing on the wall is clear, writes Anshul Dhamija for Forbes in India's informal #gigeconomy turns mainstream. #Gigeconomy has arrived in India and the co-working space industry has a huge scope. There are new players in the market - Mumbai Coworking, WorkLoft, Awfis and the number is growing.

With Easy HR to make this transition easy, prepare and be ready for the change.

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