Everyone doesn't have the same needs

Everyone doesn't have the same needs

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In a business environment, it’s important to have your HR packages customized to your needs

The advancement in technology has no doubt helped many companies in automating their HR tasks. Although there are many kinds of HR solutions, there is no one solution that meets all requirements.  When you have unique needs, it only appears wiser to invest in a customized HR package that can fit your needs perfectly just like Info Deals did last year.

Info Deals is an IT company that was finding it difficult to carry out some of their HR tasks, namely  recruitment, payroll and benefit administration etc. As they had already invested heavily in technology in the past, mainly in accounting software and mobile office systems, they were a little wary this time. They needed a solution that could easily integrate into their legacy systems, while automating all their routine HR tasks.

They did a lot of shop hunting but couldn’t really find a be-all solution that matched their requirements to the T. Finally they ordered a customized package that could easily mesh with their legacy systems. This turned out to be an excellent decision that led to improved productivity and efficiency, that began to reflect in the bottom line growth.

We have come a long way from using DOS systems to smart phones and now can carry out all functions at the click of a key. Then why should we still hang-on to some archaic Payroll Management Systems, applicant tracking systems, ERPs, timekeeping software and learning management solutions? Why not switch to something more intuitive, user-friendly, latest and interactive? Unless you are a programmer or one of those geeky administrators, you may find technology selection an intimidating task. Our team at easyhr.com can help you make a wise selection.

Although you may find lots of companies hawking customized HR packages, there are still a few things you need to bear in mind before going for one:

  • All-inclusive features: Get your requirements right and make sure the HR package you go for, has all the features that you would require.
  • Flexibility: The customized HR package should be flexible enough to allow extra features to be included in the future. It must be scalable. As your business expands, new requirements are bound to kick-in and if your HR package is not flexible, you may have to end up spending a lot of money to replace the system altogether.
  • Affordability: Customized solutions often go overboard when it comes to costing. Nevertheless, once you have a budget in mind, you need to make sure that the HR package that the vendor creates for you doesn’t cross the cost boundaries that you set. This way you can be assured for excellent return on your investment.
  • 24/7 support: In case of a customized HR package you may need ongoing support from the service provider at any and all times. Their representatives should be available to you 24/7 and should be able to troubleshoot when summoned.
  • Timely updates: Make sure the service provider is well-versed with the latest in technology and provides timely updates to the customized HR package you choose. This will make your future enhancements smoother and efficient.

At Easy HR, we understand these challenges that small and medium scale enterprises face and try and implement all the above suggestions in the customized HR packages that we offer. We have a dedicated team to work with you on-site and off-site under various engagement models. So what are you waiting for? Shoot us your query now!

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