Diversity Workplaces are Better Workplaces

Diversity Workplaces are Better Workplaces

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The Key to manage diversity at your workplace

Business acquisitions and cross-border mergers are propelling organizations to draw human resources from other countries in their efforts to deploy multi-skilled teams on specific projects. While diversity comes with a lot of benefits, it also brings its own set of challenges, such as:

  • A Broader Employee Base: By going diverse, you have to be able to facilitate engagement, wherever you have your staff. Virtual hubs, such as Slack have shot up in place of physical offices as their meeting spaces. Emails and online conferences get nearly all work done, from your connected device.
  • Higher Chances of Miscommunication: When there is diversity, communication can be a challenge unless the organization comes up with certain ground rules of expression. There needs to be an atmosphere of clarity wherein task managers work towards understanding individual cultures of people in order to iron out the differences.
  • Higher Cost: On the flipside, diversity implies additional cost head. It implies installing elevators and ramps and setting sexual harassment grievance redressal mechanisms in place.
  • Better Adaptability: The multicultural advantage that you gain enables you to respond faster and more readily to the changes that you come across in your business environment.

In the nutshell, managing diversity successfully means, "Planning and implementing organizational systems and practices so that the potential advantages of diversity are maximized while its potential disadvantages are minimized.”

About how companies do it, Maria Castañón Moats, head of the Diversity Division at PricewaterhouseCoopers says, "At PwC, we believe in confronting the hard realities—and then doing something about it.”

At diverse workplaces HR departments have to do a lot of work to make people of different races, religions and ethnicities to work together in a peaceful and productive manner. This applies to all areas of HR management, such as Hiring, Training, Compensation, Legal Regulations, and Employee Benefits.

Different cultural backgrounds bring varied talent into your workplace. If you are all geared up to embrace diversity, take measures to manage it successfully.

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