3 new HRMS software taking over the market

3 new HRMS software taking over the market

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Human Resource Management System or HRMS software solution is an umbrella concept for all the HR related issues and activities that a company has to take care of. Starting from the grassroots level of recruiting and training to archiving and maintaining employee records to payroll management system – a comprehensive HRMS software entails everything.

Here we have listed four absolutely new HRMS software solutions that the enterprises now prefer more than traditional systems:

Zoho People

Zoho People is slowly and steadily becoming the favorite HRMS software of small and medium-sized organizations. This cloud-based HRMS system does everything for the employees from an organizational point of view – handling project teams, Payroll Management System, attendance tracking and creating time sheets. It offers a 15-day free trial as well. Zoho People is extremely user-friendly, and the interface is very easy to navigate for both employees and administrators.


Zenefits is catching up fast in the HRMS solutions market fast. It integrates aspects of health insurance and retirement benefits as well, along with the regular employee dashboard features like Payroll Management System, leaves and attendance and so on. It can be started by just filling five simple fields on the dashboard when an employee joins the team. The HRMS software will be weekly updated by the development team specialists, who are also there for round the clock assistance to the client companies.


The greenhouse is a different type of HRMS software – it mainly caters to applicant tracking and the recruiting function of human resource management. It helps the client companies to find the right candidate for the job. It has options where you can list down individual qualifications, skills, personality traits and other personal details. It also assists in streamlining the interview procedure and certain post-hiring activities.

HRMS has become an integral part of every business house, not only for workforce maintenance but also for attaining optimum productivity with the right allocations and project teams.

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