10 Things to Keep in Mind While Meeting Your HR

10 Things to Keep in Mind While Meeting Your HR

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Human Resource department of an office acts as a middleman between employer and manager. It doesn’t only hire a worker but also keeps a check and balance on who is who to avoid any conflict. An employer may not meet the company’s executives for a longer period of time, but he or she surely keeps in touch with representatives from HR. In fact after the performance of an employee, if anything determines durable relation of the employee with company then it is his impression on HR.  This is the reason why it is necessary to keep your talks calculated with HR.

Here are the 10 things to keep in mind when you meet your HR.

  1. Carefully utter your words: It doesn’t matter how much rational or broad minded your HR manager is he is ultimately going to judge you. Never say anything that compels your HR to make a negative perception of you; this would definitely affect your job in the long run.
  2. Never elaborate on your medical conditions: Your promotions, future role in the company, involvement in diverse projects and any such thing strongly depends upon your presence. It doesn’t matter how much you are committed to the company; your absence wouldn’t let you deliver this. One of the major reasons behind your expected absence in future can be your medical disability. If there are chances for you to suffer any complication, then don’t elaborate this to your HR.
  3. Don’t be open about your perception of company: If you think that you have some issues with company’s policies and they are effecting your work then do communicate them with HR, but if such issues are merely a difference of opinion then never convey them to HR. In particular, cases, when you are aware that person in your HR is someone who has same opinions, and then it is okay to trust. But again don’t give a hint about your actual thinking; this may cause your opponent to carve out a wrong perception about you.
  4. Keep your long-term plans to yourself: If you are planning to say goodbye to your company then never let anyone know about it; unless you are bound by the job contract to inform earlier. If anyone from HR knows about your plans to look for another job, then they wouldn’t make you a partner in any of their project. Consequently, you would lose a chance to add up another experience in the resume.
  5. Don’t let them know about your part-time job: There are many people who do some part time job to earn more money. If you are amongst them, then make sure that HR from your company doesn’t know it. If your senior manager calls you then telling him or her about your part time job means to show dissatisfaction from the present job. Your HR would be evaluating your long-term goals, ultimately deciding your fate in the company.
  6. Never share personal problems: Keep in mind that whatever you are facing in your personal life, don’t let it be a matter in the workplace. If you find your personal life issues, interfering with your work life then it is not better to let your HR know about this. You are supposed to give your best despite all the worse conditions.
  7. Never try to gain the sympathies of HR: The very basic task of an HR representative is to work on behalf of executives. He may be a good person by heart, but the job may not require him to show his sympathies to the deserving ones. If you think that giving personal issues as an excuse for a bad performance would be enough, then it is not so.
  8. Don’t tell a lie: Many employees rely heavily on lies in order to get leave. Don’t pretend to attend the funeral of your loved ones, for taking leave for no apparent reason. You are likely to mess up your life in the time of actual need. Usually, HR managers are prudent enough to gauge what a person is going through.
  9. Keep your provocative ideas to yourself: If you believe that company’s policies are simply exploiting the employees but at the same time you don’t want to leave your job, then don’t even think of communicating these concerns to HR; your job can be in serious jeopardy.
  10. Don’t be frank enough to reveal any criminal record: Companies prefer employees with no DUI and DWI record. If you possess any of this and your employer didn’t know it, then it is better to keep him uninformed. The best way to do so is by filtering the information you are passing on to HR.

While meeting your HR, you need to keep in mind all those things, which can be sensitive enough to risk your job. This is because an HR is mirror through which an executive looks at its company’s human capital

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