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November 2019

#GigEconomy and Easy Breezy HR!
#GigEconomy and Easy Breezy HR! 1024 518 Kanhai Chhugani

With the advent of the #Gigeconomy, Easy HR hasall the #HRAutomation tools handy to make it work for your organization

‘Uber launches a job app for #gigeconomy workers’ – shouted a headline on BBC business website. It intrigued me and I read further to discover that the app will help casual workers (read contractual workers) to connect with business houses who want to hire them. They can compare the payment offered (per hour) and look out for different shifts, and so on — a marketplace for contractual workers.

For starters, the app will be work in Chicago and the main categories listed would be cleaners, warehouse workers and bar staff. As we speak, the app must have already been launched, activated and fetching jobs for the unemployed.

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